How Strata are offering their clients the added value they expect

In the realm of events, creating memorable experiences is paramount. Here at Strata, a brand experience agency, we not only understand this but we take it a step further by consistently delivering the added value our clients truly expect. Here we delve into how we are proud to be setting the bar high and reshaping the event landscape. 
Personalisation Redefined

Our approach starts with a deep dive into each client’s vision and objectives. One size doesn’t fit all in the events world, and we know and embrace that. By tailoring every aspect of an event to align with the client’s brand, goals, and audience, we ensure a level of personalisation that leaves a lasting impact. 

Innovative Concepts, Tailored Execution

Adding value isn’t just about meeting expectations; it’s about surpassing them. We thrive on pushing boundaries, introducing innovative event concepts that resonate with today’s dynamic audiences. From interactive tech elements to immersive themes, we blend creativity with meticulous planning to execute these ideas seamlessly for our clients. 

Seamless Collaboration

We understand that a successful event hinges on a seamless partnership. The Strata team becomes an extension of the client’s vision, collaborating at every step to address concerns and find solutions. This collaboration doesn’t just create events; it cultivates relationships built on trust and shared success. 

Beyond the Event

Strata’s commitment to added value extends beyond the event itself by providing post-event analysis and insights, helping clients gauge the event’s impact and gather valuable feedback for future endeavours. This holistic approach ensures a continuous cycle of improvement. 

Insights as a value add

At the end of 2022, Strata instructed an independent relationship RADAR report. 

Relationship RADAR® is an online assessment tool designed to help businesses with key B2B relationships identify and address issues, reducing risk and uncovering growth opportunities. It provides a comprehensive measure of relationship health, going beyond a simple propensity to recommend score. 

Strata were thrilled to receive an overall radar score of 6.2 / 7 which is well above the RADAR standard of 5.5%. 

One piece of feedback received from clients was a desire for insights. As a result of that, we have invested significantly this year in building an insights event programme allowing us to deliver more strategic content to our clients. 

In a world where expectations are constantly evolving, Strata stands firm in its commitment to offering clients the added value they expect and deserve. Through personalised experiences, innovative concepts, and unwavering collaboration, Strata isn’t just shaping events; they’re shaping memories that resonate long after the final applause, making Every Moment Matter. 

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