Strata was lucky enough to #inspireinclusion with micebook on International Women’s Day 2024.  

On March 8th, 2024, micebook presented their third annual IWD event. As we champion a more inclusive world, we had the privilege of being part of this event, fostering discussions that able us to understand and appreciate women’s inclusion within the events industry and beyond.  

The day was filled with engaging discussions, shared experiences and a better understanding of the importance of diverse topics. We left feeling inspired and empowered. 

These were our key takeaways… 

Inclusion has come a long way but some way to go. 

Inclusion has undoubtedly made strides in recent years, but there remains significant ground to cover in the journey toward gender equality. While policies and initiatives have been implemented to promote diversity and inclusion, there still hinders problems within the wider industry, of gender pay gaps and underrepresentation in leadership roles.  

Despite the progress made, achieving true inclusions requires ongoing commitment, advocacy, and collective action to dismantle barriers and create inclusive environments where all individuals, regardless of gender, can thrive and contribute fully to the company they represent.  

Men need to be part of the conversation too. 

Women simply can’t do it alone; men need to be involved in the fight for gender equality. Involving men in discussions about gender equality can form a deeper understanding of the challenges women face and encourage empathy and solidarity. By engaging men as allies, we can break down stereotypes. 

James Coomber, Leadership Coach and Facilitator, shared his thoughts on how men can, genuinely support their female colleagues: 
Listen Actively: Be present, and truly hear the experiences and concerns of female colleagues. 

Educate and Grow: Engage with resources on gender issues and really understand the issue. 

Speak with Care: Address any form of discrimination or inappropriate behaviour you come across sensibly.  

Be an advocate for women: Speak up for women, be their voice when they are not there and celebrate their successes 

Challenge the Status Quo: Consciously and openly work against outdated norms. 

Seek Feedback: Nobody’s perfect. Be open to feedback and learn from mistakes. 

Facing imposter syndrome  

Imposter syndrome often weighs particularly heavy on the shoulders of women navigating professional careers. Although more than half of women (54%) feel they have experienced imposter syndrome, compared with just 38% of men, it still shows the importance of fostering inclusive environments that champion diversity and validate all individuals, regardless of gender. By acknowledging and addressing imposter syndrome head-on, we can create a culture of empowerment and support, enabling both men and women to thrive. 

The events world is heavily dominated by women but is it in upper management? 

Despite making up 75% of the event industry, women remain underrepresented in top leadership positions, accounting for less than 20%, as highlighted in the IBTM Event Management Gender Equality Report 2022. This underscores the pressing need for concerted efforts to dismantle barriers and foster inclusivity, ensuring that all voices are not only heard but also empowered to lead. 

While progress has been made, with 1 in 4 women holding c-suite roles, it’s also crucial to note that only 1 in 16 of these are women of colour. Clearly, there is some work to do. 

The impact of tech on our lives 

Keynote speaker Elaine Kasket discussed the impact technology can have on our daily lives and mental health; advising attendees to shift their focus from merely measuring the duration of their phone and social media usage to assessing the impact of their activities on their stress levels.  

While acknowledging the positive benefits that technology and AI can provide in being both connective and responding. Kasket highlights that only we as humans have the power to form true connections.  

 Everyone needs to be part of the solution, not part of the problem. 

A huge thank you to micebook for organising an exceptional International Women’s Day Event. Your dedication to celebrating and amplifying the voices of women in the industry is commendable and deeply appreciated. We look forward to next year! 

Featured image credit: micebook.

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