Our Sustainability Approach

We are committed to creating a sustainable future for our people, our clients and our communities.

Our Commitment to sustainability is leaving a legacy, not a footprint.

Our philosophy: Reduce our footprint where we can, offset what we can’t.

Sustainability is one of the key building blocks to how we operate at Strata. The need for change is driven by our passionate team as well as the expectations we see in today’s consumers.

We see sustainability demands as an opportunity to be innovative in the way we design and deliver brand experiences. A chance to challenge the status quo and create efficiencies for our clients that deliver on the triple bottom line of people, planet, profit.

Strata have been proud Isla members since 2021. Isla is a non-profit organisation founded by event professionals and industry leaders focusing on a sustainable future for events.

Our membership ensures our processes follow the latest IPCC guidance and offers access to the best practical frameworks.

We are proud to work with Trace, a tool to help track and measure the carbon footprint of client’s events. Trace calculates all carbon emissions, not just travel, but also areas such as waste data, shipping of equipment, catering and energy usage. This data allows us, and clients, to understand more about the emissions from events, learn how to cut them and set reduction targets moving forwards.

In 2022 we joined ecolibrium, an offsetting partner with global projects tackling the impact of carbon emissions. We continue to work hard behind the scenes to do more as an agency, and partnering with such great programmes, helps set us on our way.

Guiding clients through creating events that deliver on experiences, as well as sustainability.

Sustainability can be a confusing landscape. Our approach is to work closely with our clients to ensure their experiences and events align with their brand sustainability strategy.

Designing out waste, reducing event carbon emissions, and prioritising audience wellbeing are all key to ensuring the projects we deliver achieve their objectives whilst benefiting the environment and attendees.

Sustainability has come a long way from just calculating travel emissions and our expert team can guide you through the latest requirements and industry solutions.

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Every brand touchpoint is a moment that matters. A chance to strengthen your message with clarity and relevance. They’re opportunities to make your audience feel like they’re part of something extraordinary.

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Every brand touchpoint is a moment that matters. A chance to strengthen your message with clarity and relevance. To make your audience feel like they're part of something extraordinary, get in touch.