2024 Event Tech Trends

2024 Event Tech Trends Unveiled at Strata’s Insight Event

Attendees at the Strata insights event, at The Ned in London last week, were treated to a preview of some of the most important tech trends which will shape the events industry in 2024 and beyond.

Speaking to an audience of event industry leaders, three key trends were showcased to help brands deliver greater results through events and marketing in 2024, by Chris Vernon-Smith, Creative Director of On Event Production Co (a subsidiary of Strata).

Tech Trend #1 – Personalisation

Opportunities now exist to personalise content to individuals dynamically, matching the mood and environment. Two examples were presented.

3D Audio Beam forming – such as the HOLOPLOT speakers used at ABBA Voyage. This beams highly directional sound to a specific audience or space. In a conference environment, the speaker could be translated into a different language instantaneously in different parts of the room.

Facial recognition – unobtrusive face recognition technology can gather attendee data with no need to scan badges or QR codes (this can be GDPR compliant). Room engagement could also be measured based on facial expressions meaning an event speaker could detect the mood of an audience through feedback from the tech, changing their energy or delivery accordingly.

Tech Trend #2 Sustainability

Two examples relevant to the events industry were presented.

PET eco-fabric – uses dye sub-printing and water-based inks to significantly reduce emissions compared to traditional print. For every roll of material that goes through the printers, 3,000 bottles are saved from ending up in the ocean or landfill.

Green mobile power – is now delivering the power output and duration to make it usable for large-scale outdoor events.

Tech Trend #3 Immersive Tech

Two ways in which immersive tech can transform event experiences were showcased.

LED film – improvements in LED resolution, power, and price point mean translucent screens on a massive scale can now add new dimensions to event spaces, product launches, and exhibitions.

The Vegas Sphere – mapped with LEDs and functioning as a giant video screen inside and out, produces video that dynamically changes throughout a show.

Giles Cattle, Director of Creative Strategy and Business Development at Strata said, “This was the third in our ‘Making Moments Matter’ Insight Series. First, we looked at globalisation, then we followed up with our Big Budget Debate. This time we gathered together experts, leaders, and visionaries to showcase the predictions and trend insights that will be shaping event brand and marketing in 2024 and beyond. It was an incredibly thought-provoking event and attendees went away inspired.”

Speakers and panel attendees also included Greg Clayton, Head of Markets, Brands and Shoppers Insights at Ipsos, Jen Bonassera, Global Events Director at Charlotte Tilbury, Kristian Cholmondeley, Managing Director at Jeep and Fiona Macnish, Head of Global Events at M&G Investments.

A full insights report from the event will be published in January and will be available on stratacreate.com.

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Written by
Laura Richardson
30 Jan 2024
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