How Brand Experiences Will Make Their Mark In 2023

The brand marketing and experience sector looks to be set for a challenging time in 2023. With the cost of living crisis taking its toll and the industry still feeling the economic effects of prolonged lockdowns, there is no wonder companies are looking to work alongside a brand experience agency to enhance their chances of success.

Since the polycrisis, customers have been looking for more from brand experiences. Although we live in a digital age, customers seek more face-to-face interaction today. Real human interaction could overtake the once fantasised about metaverse and digital events. It might seem a huge challenge to overhaul your brand experience strategy. Yet, that doesn’t mean a positive brand experience is impossible. 

What is a brand experience? Continue reading to learn what brand experiences might look like and how they will enhance your business in 2023.

Getting Your Brand Experience Strategy Right

Understanding what a customer desires is the key to enhancing a brand experience. Those that want to make a mark in 2023 and stand out among the crowd need to acknowledge the connection between brand and customer experience and pursue efficient brand experience research. Getting to know your customers will ensure you can fulfil their needs.

So, how do you get your brand experience strategy right?

Many assume the common sense answer is to align with the expanding digital-forward nation. Yet, more and more customers are seeking human interaction with the shock and loneliness of the pandemic. Hence, instead of assuming brand experiences should be futuristic and digital-focused, it could benefit your brand experience strategy to revert to physical events. They worked back then, so that means they can work now.

More digital integration may not be the answer for 2023. Instead, it could be all about pop-ups, exhibitions, and roadshows. Human interaction and face-to-face communication will feed the growing appetite of those who desire real-life experiences.

Virtual experience innovations are inevitable, but they will never manage to fully replace real-world interactions, particularly now that the economy is struggling.

Digital Vs. Human

Making a mark in 2023 with brand experiences does not mean scrapping digital and immersive brand experiences altogether. Some audiences will enjoy the metaverse and prefer to have the option of staying at home while enjoying a brand experience. 

Hence, your next batch of branded customer experiences could utilise hybridity. Offering both digital and human experiences could be how you approach your events going forward. 

Hybrid physical-digital interactions could boost customer engagement. Experiential marketing that combines virtual and real-world activities could result in great success. 

Furthermore, smaller firms should take advantage of boutique experiences in 2023. These can offer more customised and individualised services to build customer relationships and attain dedicated engagement. 

Building Genuine Customer Relationships

To make a mark in 2023, keeping it real is the way forward. It might feel uncomfortable for businesses that want to deliver perfect results. Yet, it is true to say that nobody is perfect. Keeping it real will show your customers who you truly are and what they should expect from your future brand experiences. 

Keeping it real goes without saying that you should continue to be genuine and ensure to fulfil a positive impression. For example, promoting your business at an exhibition should involve genuine communication about what the customer should expect from you. Keep it real and avoid making promises. The more you do so, the more trusting your customer will be.

Businesses in 2023 should acknowledge that building customer trust will enable them to produce better, more valuable brand experiences. This requires wearing their beliefs on their sleeves and, most importantly, sticking to them. It also requires giving open, truthful responses to any important questions customers might have during their experience.

We at Strata are optimistic that your brand experiences will be well-received in 2023 and beyond. To get in touch and discuss how Strata can help your business deliver unforgettable brand experiences: [email protected]

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