12 tips for virtual event success

The medium of virtual events is here to stay, and whether you are reinventing something that is usually an in-person experience, or planning a brand new virtual event, there are a lot of things you need to build into your planning to ensure a successful virtual event for your brand. These 12 tips are not an exhaustive list of course, but make sure you consider them for your next virtual project.

1: People

Put your audience at the focus of everything you are doing. Make your content relevant to your brand so your audience can relate to it. The magic formula pleases all your stakeholders, but your target audience are the most important.

2: Training

No one needs to be trained on how to turn up to a conference room (you’d hope!), but they might need it for a virtual platform they have never used before. Allow for this in your comms and if necessary, host a training session.

3: Ask the audience

Engagement can be trickier in a virtual environment, so you have to plan ways to facilitate this. Have live polls, Q&A, chat rooms, surveys, and breakout sessions to make it easier for your audience to engage. Think seminar, not lecture.

4: Gamification

Bring some fun to your virtual event by adding a game or competition. Give your audience a photo challenge or host a quick-fire quiz to test who is listening – prizes bring out the competitor in everyone!

5: Brief your speakers

Presenting virtually is completely different to standing in front of a live audience so make sure your speakers are well briefed, and ideally well-rehearsed too. Looking down the camera is powerful.

6: Time is of the essence

Timing is everything. Too long and you lose engagement, too short and your message doesn’t land, so prioritise your content & make every minute valuable. We recommend 45mins-1.5hrs max for a live internal update.

7: Use multiple channels to deliver your message

Use a variety of content channels to appeal to everyone. Feature key messages in your main broadcast, but supporting content can be delivered through downloadable assets to keep the conversation going.

8: Video can enhance your content  

Pre-recorded film features allow you to add value to your content – for example, seeing a product in situ rather than static in a studio. Use video where you need to so your audience see more than just your speakers living room.

9: Add the wow factor

Whether it’s with a celeb guest appearance, a unique online platform that your audience hasn’t seen before, or content that blows them away. Whatever the method – make your virtual event memorable & unique.

10: Content + format = success

You need good content AND a user friendly format to make your message easy to reach & engage your audience. Don’t sacrifice one for the other when it comes to planning.

11: Remember your why  

Your objectives must inform every planning decision you make. For instance, if you want your audience to connect with each other, you need a platform suited for networking rather than a broadcast format. Remember what you’re aiming for and you’ll deliver the best end results.

12: Be light-hearted 

In such a serious climate at the moment, and with limited time, it can be easy to forget the fun. Plan in ice breakers or have something ‘just for fun’ running, whilst everyone logs on – a recent micebook event had a DJ spooney set to keep us entertained!

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