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Strata is a brand experience agency with an exceptionally broad offering in both digital and face to face engagement. Our unique approach delivers creativity, brand consistency, quality, and business efficiencies to our clients.

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Formed from the merger of two long established event and experiential agencies, Crown and Communique, our multi-layered approach allows us to adapt to the needs of our clients and deliver a wide spectrum of projects from end-to-end.

We work as an extension of your team and can manage every layer through one touch point. Including strategy and planning, creative services, content, technical production, logistics, storage, and asset management.

So whether you need support with your next virtual event, a unique brand experience, or a new way to engage your audience, we can help.

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Meet the team

Well, some of them. Our photographer is busy snapping the rest of our lovely people, so please check back soon for the full team in all their glory!


All Client Services Creative Data and Technology Event Management Event Operations Finance Leadership Production
Dave Rayner Dave Rayner

Dave Rayner

Warehouse manager

Laura Awcock Laura Awcock

Laura Awcock

Account Director

Giles Cattle Giles Cattle

Giles Cattle

Director of Creative, Strategy & Business Development

Charlotte English Charlotte English

Charlotte English

Project Account Executive

Rea Howes Rea Howes

Rea Howes

Senior Producer

Mike Parrott Mike Parrott

Mike Parrott

Account Director & Head of Incentives

Lucy Burton Lucy Burton

Lucy Burton

Account Executive

Sam Phillips Sam Phillips

Sam Phillips

Project Manager

Freyja Delius Freyja Delius

Freyja Delius

Account Manager

Paul Querfurth Paul Querfurth

Paul Querfurth

Director of Public and Consumer Engagement

Vicky Fraser Vicky Fraser

Vicky Fraser

Account Director

Colin Waldron Colin Waldron

Colin Waldron

Warehouse Operative

Louise Palmer Louise Palmer

Louise Palmer

Marketing Manager

Laura Emery Laura Emery

Laura Emery

Project Manager

Dean Moore Dean Moore

Dean Moore

Studio Manager

Alison Franklin Alison Franklin

Alison Franklin

Head of Event Operations

Cole Mulkerrins Cole Mulkerrins

Cole Mulkerrins

Director of Client Services

Louise Wetherell Louise Wetherell

Louise Wetherell

Digital Solutions Manager

Simon Hambley Simon Hambley

Simon Hambley


Octavia Kerr Octavia Kerr

Octavia Kerr

Account Project Manager

Sophie Austin Sophie Austin

Sophie Austin

Project Co-ordinator

Becca Campbell Becca Campbell

Becca Campbell

Project Co-ordinator

Richard Liddle Richard Liddle

Richard Liddle

Head of Operations

Poppy Daly Poppy Daly

Poppy Daly

Project Finance Accountant

Andrea Bishop Andrea Bishop

Andrea Bishop

Director of Live

Hannah Banfield Hannah Banfield

Hannah Banfield

Head of Delegate Management & Event Technology

Sam Murphy Sam Murphy

Sam Murphy

Events Officer

Rayna Jeffrey Rayna Jeffrey

Rayna Jeffrey

Deputy Head of Production

Charlotte Bute Charlotte Bute

Charlotte Bute

Project Co-ordinator

Gemma Strachan Gemma Strachan

Gemma Strachan

Senior Project Manager

Patrick Ockendon Patrick Ockendon

Patrick Ockendon

Account Director

Steve Dubois Steve Dubois

Steve Dubois

Senior Event Operator

Eve Dawson Eve Dawson

Eve Dawson

Project Manager

Gabriella Hey Gabriella Hey

Gabriella Hey

Project Manager

Katie Bower Katie Bower

Katie Bower

Project Manager

Paul Banham Paul Banham

Paul Banham

Account Director

Lenka Gibbons Lenka Gibbons

Lenka Gibbons

Account Manager

Hannah Barker Hannah Barker

Hannah Barker

Senior Account Manager

Ewan Hurford-Jones Ewan Hurford-Jones

Ewan Hurford-Jones


Martin Ford Martin Ford

Martin Ford

Event Operator

Izzy Toussaint Izzy Toussaint

Izzy Toussaint


Steve Sellick Steve Sellick

Steve Sellick

Creative Director

Jake Shuckburgh Jake Shuckburgh

Jake Shuckburgh

Director of People

Nikki Nash Nikki Nash

Nikki Nash

Financial Controller

Casey Evans Casey Evans

Casey Evans

Creative Director

Ecem Pasa Ecem Pasa

Ecem Pasa

Graphic Designer

Gina Cundy Gina Cundy

Gina Cundy

Project Manager

Martin Yexley Martin Yexley

Martin Yexley

Senior Event Operator

Lauren Hayward Lauren Hayward

Lauren Hayward

Operations Assistant

Shaun Cirket Shaun Cirket

Shaun Cirket

Finance Assistant

Adam Tait Adam Tait

Adam Tait

Senior Event Operator

Megan Mulholland Megan Mulholland

Megan Mulholland

Senior Project Manager

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