Logistics & Asset Management

An event is only as good as its logistics. The production and creativity can be top notch but if things don´t run smoothly that´s what delegates will remember. At Strata we pride ourselves on creating world beating experiences that are seamless from beginning to end.

Every detail is curated to elevate the full delegate experience, from pre-event anticipation to the return home.

Full Delegate Management
From registration to departure, your delegates can rely on the expertise of a team who have successfully organised 100´s of events and leverage the latest technology to ensure their experience is a harmonious one.

Pre-event Planning
The success of a great event begins before the doors even open. Our logistics team anticipates every detail pre-event and ensures you are up to speed with the specifics every step of the way.

Destination & Activity Management
We always have our eye on the world, looking out for the latest destinations and keeping up to date with global culture to ensure we can secure the perfect location for your event and local experts to ensure everything runs smoothly wherever your event takes place.

Travel and Transfer Management
The journey there should be as memorable as the event itself. Our dedicated team coordinates seamless transportation, ensuring your delegates arrive stress-free and ready to engage.

Venue and Supplier Management
We have the perfect little black book of trusted venues and suppliers across the world. Elevate your event with spaces that captivate and suppliers that deliver excellence.

Asset Management
If you have branded assets that are the cornerstone of any event´s visual identity, we have dedicated storage and management facilities which means everything is catalogued and safely secured for when you need to role them out again.

It’s time to create moments that matter for your audiences

Every brand touchpoint is a moment that matters. A chance to strengthen your message with clarity and relevance. They’re opportunities to make your audience feel like they’re part of something extraordinary. 

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Every brand touchpoint is a moment that matters. A chance to strengthen your message with clarity and relevance. To make your audience feel like they're part of something extraordinary, get in touch.