How to kick start your virtual 2021

Whether it’s your end of year company update, sales kick off for 2021, or just an opportunity to engage your staff – employee events look a little different right now.

Your business objectives will drive the agenda, but what’s true of any employee event, and even more so today, is to use this opportunity to make your workforce feel more connected, more valued and more inspired.

So, how do you deliver on these crucial objectives when your event is virtual and your people are the other side of the screen?

Use digital to involve everyone

From registration onwards, aim to co-create content, crowd source ideas, and give everyone a voice. Anything can be built into the right virtual platform, capturing questions, feedback, or even content like self shot videos from speakers or delegates. It’s never been a better time to make the content inclusive and why not step back from the traditional top down communication. After all, everyone has a smart phone…

Make it personal

The more your staff are involved, the more relevant and impactful your content will be. Peer to peer communication is hugely credible. It doesn’t have to be entirely business related either – allow staff to curate their own music playlist, or share photos that summed up their 2020 experiences – and link through your social channels in the build up to the live event to drive engagement and conversation.

Keep on moving

We’re all stuck at our desks / kitchen tables / spare room at the moment, so set challenges to get everyone up and moving as part of your opening welcome. Set the tone, reenergise, and get everyone focused before you hit them with in-depth content. We recently had fitness guru Joe Wicks host an exclusive virtual workout session for a client event, to tap into healthy bodies and healthy minds, as its proven to improve productivity, stimulate creativity and reduce stress.

Get everyone talking

Networking has always been a benefit of face to face events – don’t forget to make time for this virtually. Make it part of the agenda and purposefully bring people together who wouldn’t normally engage with each other. Keep the networking groups small and inspire them with common goals or topics to share. Many virtual platforms provide ‘match making’ features to link likeminded people together and having smaller group discussions allow for better virtual networking.

Make it real

Provide something tangible that goes beyond the screen. We create and ship out event kits for our client’s virtual events that include things like activities, food and drink, and even a surprise to be opened onscreen. These added touches brings the event to life for your audience.

We help our clients create impactful virtual experiences, so get in touch if you want to kick start your next virtual event.

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