Brand, reputation and COVID safety at events

A few months ago, you could be forgiven in thinking the global pandemic would be something we were looking back at by now, rather than still living amongst it. However, it is now evident that being COVID-secure is here to stay for the foreseeable future and something that everyone must adopt in order to thrive in 2020.

We’ve seen how brands have adapted their messaging over the last six months, from the tidal wave of ‘stay at home’ adverts featuring home videos of anything & everything you can do within your own four walls, to now more bespoke and true to the brand content where the current situation is implied, instead of being the story headline.

That being said, as live events are yet to fully restart in the UK (roll on October 1st), it will be vital to the success of future events to carefully balance the brand content with the required onsite guidance to ensure the experience is COVID-secure. As we’ve seen our High Street adopt social distancing guidelines and rig screens around their stores, live experiences and events must too adopt these practices, not just for the protection of their audience and staff, but also their brand and the perception of it.

There is a lot to learn from other industry practices over the last few months, particularly the leisure industry. Positive online reviews of days out now feature lines such as ‘social distancing measures were fantastic’ and ‘great day out with lots of hand washing facilities’, and it is clear that attractions cannot just deliver a great day out anymore but must also do it in a COVID-secure way.

So, how do you ensure your live event showcases your brand in a positive light when it comes to being COVID-secure? As ever in the world of events it is not a one size fits all solution. Experiences vary in size, format, and location, meaning the required practices will vary too.

We have therefore put together a guide to explain some of the tools and methods we will be adopting for our client’s events moving forward, to ensure not only their audience is protected, but their brand is too.

You can view the full guide here.

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