A practical guide to socially distanced events

There is no doubt that events will look different for the foreseeable future. We have produced a number of smaller events in recent months, and I’m sure it will be surprising to some that we’ve found, once you understand the guidance and what you need to consider; such as structured registration to allow for track and trace, face masks, and of source social distancing; the crux of the event still remains the same.

But what is possible at your event whilst keeping everyone safe, and how do you go about planning activity that is COVID-secure?

  • What measures do you need to put into place when planning, and onsite?
  • What do you need to consider for your audience and staff?
  • How do you balance branding vs safety messaging?
  • What technology can offer simple solutions?
  • Should you consider a hybrid event?

I’m sure you are asking yourself all of the above questions and more. Luckily, our whitepaper A practical guide to designing events under social distancing guidance should answer these questions and more; meaning we can get back to doing what we do best – creating amazing live experiences.

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