Employee engagement and recognition has never been more important.

Employee retention is at its lowest and according to a 2023 report, 90% of UK employees are disengaged from their job. We have made it our mission to deliver an intelligent digital product that allows companies to engage with their employees in an easy and straightforward way.

A new era of engagement is coming… and it’s called Sherbet.

Employees Disengaged
lower staff turnover using non-cash rewards
Customers deter from brands with negative employee attitude
What are the benefits of Sherbet?
  • Instant incentive campaign delivery
  • Targeted content to users
  • Self-serving client management
  • Automated admin and reporting
  • API service from CRM integration
What are the features of Sherbet?
  • Five built-in incentive templates with unlimited campaign possibilities
  • Points banking in real time
  • Instant spending with 2,000+ retailer options
  • Built in gamification
  • Mobile and desktop compatible

Sherbet is a brand new rewards and recognition platform

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