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Reinventing the showroom experience

Polestar were entering the UK market in early 2020 and needed support to engage consumers and launch their latest model – the Polestar 2. 

Polestar – an aspirational EV manufacturer – invited us to pitch for a series of events & activations to support the brand engage with consumers.

Our team designed an authentic activation that reimagined the traditional car showroom sales experience. The contract was awarded to us in early 2020. Of course, during that time the dramatic shift in the landscape of live experiences meant the original scope of the brief quickly changed.

Driving forwards

With much of the UK in lockdown, and many venue staff on furlough, the team had a number of challenges to overcome, but worked tirelessly to ensure the project timeline stayed on track.

The team swiftly set up processes & communication channels to ensure the on-boarding process was not delayed by the restrictions on people movement, and the live event plans were full steam ahead within weeks of signing on the dotted line. Challenges were inevitable with the ever-changing guidelines for gatherings and live events in England at the time, but our experienced team developed new procedures to ensure everyone’s safety was at the forefront of the planning.


Test Drive Customers

From the moment we arrived, to leaving the venue, it couldn’t have been a better experience. The whole setup was very professional, relaxed and COVID secure.

Distanced social engagement

Social distancing provided an opportunity for our team to innovate how we usually deliver consumer engagement. Streamlined registration and slick yet striking branding married with the open space concept that suited the Polestar brand.

Straightforward and highly effective tools were used to certify the safety of the environment, and clear customer communications helped visitors feel comfortable, and trust that the experience was safe to attend.

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Driving success

Test miles driven


Customers engaged


Experience rated 5/5


Stylish simplicity

Stripping away the inessential to leave pure, progressive performance. This is how the Polestar 2 has been designed. So, each venue used was chosen for its refined look and feel. The space was designed as a backdrop instead of a distraction, allowing the car to strike the impact on consumers and speak for itself.

Driving the new to market vehicle is what consumers came for, so that was the focus, with a few supplements to the main attraction.
We provided sustainable refreshments using local vegan ingredients, aligning with the core value of sustainability that weaves through the Polestar brand. Even the staff uniform trainers were vegan!

Every guest had the opportunity for a one to one with a vehicle specialist, ensuring no one left with any burning questions unanswered. Product information was available on touchscreens (guests were given stylus pens for hygiene), and everyone experienced first-hand the world first infotainment system.

Test Drive Customer

A unique, premium experience, as if attending an exclusive art installation. All delivered by a friendly, knowledgeable and helpful team.

On the right track

The roadshow launched in August 2020, and with the countless additional restrictions on both live events and general working methods imposed due to the Coronavirus outbreak, the team are immensely proud of delivering these live events safely and successfully, within the same timeline as originally briefed.

Throughout 2021 our relationship with Polestar has grown and we are now delivering multiple brand engagements across the UK including hosting national events, roadshows, and a semi-permanent site hosting test drive experiences five days a week.

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