Strata expands into Europe

Strata expands into Europe with a new operating base in France

Strata Creative Communications has expanded into Europe with a new operating base in Lyon, France, which allows the full-service agency to branch out of the UK to extend its reach, and widen its service offering to their clients.

The new base increases the facilities and working space for the agency, which to date has operated from two UK sites in Fitzrovia, London and Brackley, Northamptonshire since launching in 2018.  This expansion provides a foothold for both asset storage and a workable base for staff, to enable smooth delivery of existing and new client events outside of the UK despite the recent changes caused by Brexit.

CEO, Simon Hambley, comments: “The long-term vision for Strata has always been to expand outside of the UK and we’re delighted we have been able to realise this after such a challenging year. This new footprint provides us with the ability to manage events outside of the UK without the worry of Brexit complications and delays, which in turn enables us to provide practical and timely solutions to our clients regardless of location.

The ever changing landscape of live events and post-Brexit trading pressures require us to be flexible and adaptable to our client’s needs, and this new space increases our ability to meet that demand and facilitate event delivery both in and out of the UK.

The recent turbulence within our industry has been a challenge, but this expansion is part of our long-term strategy to strengthen our service offering to our clients and create a better platform for delivering live face-to-face events in 2021 and beyond.

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