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Improving the health of man’s best friend.

Novartis’ Animal Care chewable worming tablet is prescription-only, so the product name can’t be promoted directly to consumers.

Our public awareness campaign therefore focused on increasing knowledge about worming dogs, including the optimum frequency based on the pet’s lifestyle, to prompt owners to visit their vet. Centered around a canine mascot called Chewy, the campaign saw four pooch mobiles, 62 dog mascots and an 8ft giant dog roam the country over three summers, entertaining and informing dog lovers about the health of their furry friends.

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Pooch mobiles


Dog mascots


Giant dog


Dog days

Areas with high doggie footfall were targeted, including county shows, game fairs, dog shows, veterinary practices, public parks and city centres. Pet owners were encouraged to sign up to the Worm Patrol website for regular worming reminders and were driven to their local veterinary practice for a pet health check.  


A healthy result

The Chewy campaign targeted over 1,500 practices over the course of three summers, with an integrated social media campaign furthering awareness in the second and third years. Product sales were boosted, and overall worming frequency increased from 2.2 to 2.6 times per year.

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Practices targed



3 summers

Worming frequency increased from

2.2 to 2.6 times per year

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