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An outpouring of creativity for a leading beer brand

SABMiller’s top 120 European managers came together for a Leadership workshop in Bratislava, where winning at the frontline was a key theme.

We collaborated with the Grolsch Marketing team to reflect this theme through an immersive and experiential evening event, which positioned the brand as an aggregator of unique, interesting and experimental creativity.

Steve Stringer, Global Brands Director Europe, SABMiller Europe

“The event challenged perceptions about what and how Grolsch engages its target audiences, by letting people experience the brand rather than telling them about it.”

Industrial interiors

Much of the Experimentalists’ activity is about re-purposing consumer and industrial objects. Aligning with their philosophy of creativity and innovation, we hosted the event at a converted refinery in Bratislava, Slovakia, where suitably stripped back interiors providing a gritty and industrial setting.

Artistic endeavours

Artists, sculptors, performers and inventors came together to demonstrate Grolsch’s creativity. Activations included bar furniture constructed from reclaimed bicycles, beer fridges nestled in the sidecars of converted motorcycles, seats and swings made from recycled bottles and the simultaneous opening of 120 Grolsch bottles in a Guinness World Record attempt.

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